Windows Server: SNMP Service – Installation and configuration

SNMP service overview

The SNMP service allows the interrogation of computer equipment in order to carry out supervision and diagnosis.

This protocol is used by supervision software such as Centreon and PRTG.

Installation of the SNMP service on Windows Server

On Windows the service is not installed by default, it is a feature to install.

Installation in graphical mode

From the server manager, click on Manage 1> Add roles and features 2.

SNMP : Ajouter rôle

When the wizard opens, click Next> 1.

SNMP : Assistant étape 1

Select Role-based or feature-based installation 1 and click on the Next> 2 button.

SNMP : Sélectionner rôle

Select the server 1 and click Next> 2.

SNMP : Choix du serveur

In the role selection, click on the Next 1 button.

SNMP : Rôle serveur disponible

On the list of features, find SNMP Service 1 and check the box.

SNMP : Sélectionner le service

On the new window that opens, click on Add functionalities 1.

SNMP : valider l'ajout

Click on Next> 1.

SNMP : étape suivante

Confirm the installation by pressing the Install button 1.

SNMP : Confirmer l'installation

When installation is complete, click Close 1.

SNMP : installation terminée, fermer l'assistant

PowerShell installation

In a PowerShell command prompt as an administrator enter the following command:

Install-WindowsFeature SNMP-Service -IncludeManagementTools


Success Restart Needed Exit Code      Feature Result
------- -------------- ---------      --------------
True    No             Success        {Outils d'administration de fonctionnalité...

Configuring the SNMP service

We will now move on to configuring the service, for this we will add a community to the SNMP service to allow it to be queried.

Open a run window, in the input box enter services .msc 1 and click OK 2.

SNMP : exécuter services.msc

In the list of services look for SNMP Service 1, right click on it and go to Properties 2.

SNMP : Aller sur les prorpietes du service

In the new window, go to the Security 1 tab and click on the Add … 2 button in the list of communities.

SNMP : parametres du service

Select the community member 1, enter his name 2 and click on the Add button 3.

SNMP : Configuration communauté

Select Accept SNMP packets from any host 1, Apply changes 2 and click OK 3 to close the window.

SNMP : Modification sécurité des hôtes distants

In production, prefer to indicate the IP addresses authorized to query the server.

Restart the 1 service to take the changes into account.

SNMP : Redémarrer le service.

To test the operation of the service, you can use the SNMP Tester software from Paessler.

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