WDS: installation and configuration

Windows Server 2012R2 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2019

Declare the answer file in the images

Now that we have the answer file, we will see how to declare it to the different images.

Startup image

For boot images, the response file is common to all images of the same architecture (x86 / x64 …) and declare in the properties of the WDS server.

Copier le fichier dans le dossier RemoteInstall du serveur WDS. Depuis la console faire un clic droit sur le serveur  1 et cliquer sur Propriétés 2.

Console WDS

Go to the Client tab 1 , check the box Enable unattended installation 2 . Add the file to the image using the Browse button 3 then click Apply 4 and OK 5 .

Configure file

Installation image

Select the image, right click on 1 then click on Properties 2 .

On the General tab, select the Allow image to install in unattended 1 check box and click Select a 2 file.

Get the 1 file and click OK 2 .

The response file is declared 1 , click on Apply 2 and OK 3 .

Now that the answer files have been added to the WDS services, you can re-run the deployment test. Normally you should just need to choose the image to install and configure the volume. If the response file has been correctly applied, you should just need to login to Windows without the need to answer post-installation questions.