DISKPART : delete all partitions

In this tutorial, I will tell you how to delete all partitions from a hard drive with DISKPART. I am using this procedure to remove OEM partitions on computers from manufacturers like HP / DELL. Before performing this operation, make sure you have a backup of the data. Now that I have warned you, we …

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MPIO: Installation and configuration

MPIO or MultiPath I / O is a Windows feature that allows multiple path support for storage. MPIO addresses two issues: performance and reliability. The majority of storage bays have two controllers for reliability reasons. Whether you are a SAN or a DAS, the servers are “attached” to the array via the two controllers, which …

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Windows Server Deduplication: reclaim disk space after deleting files

Presentation On a Windows Server volume where deduplication is enabled, when deleting files, the recovered space is not necessarily available immediately. In this article we will see how to recover the space immediately. Recover disk space Open a PowerShell command prompt as an administrator and enter the following command: Adapt the letter of the Volume …

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MPIO: Enable Path Check

By default, this feature is not enabled, the paths are checked during a problem. Enable path verification Open a PowerShell command prompt and enter the following command to check the status of PathVerificationState: To enable path checking, enter the following command: Restart the server to take account of the configuration.

Storage Pool: Change a Physical Disk

In this article, we will see how to change a failed physical disk. When a disk is in error, an icon appears at the pool and virtual disks. Change the disk Open a command prompt and enter the command below to view the physical disks and identify the disk in error. Enter the command below …

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Installation and configuration of replica storage

Storage replica

Storage replication (storage replica) is a feature that comes with Windows Server 2016 that lets you replicate a volume to another server. To work the feature requires two volumes per server. The first for storing data and the second for logs. Storage replica works on the principle Active / Passive. The data is accessible only …

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