Windows 10: install Windows Terminal

In this “how to” tutorial, I will explain how to install the Windows Terminal application available on Windows 10. Before launching into the “technical” part, I will first introduce you to Windows Terminal. Windows Terminal is an application which groups together all the command windows (CMD, PowerShell, WSL) in a single application and which allows …

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Windows 10 : use the native SSH client

On Windows 10, there is a native SSH client that can be used in a command prompt, PowerShell prompt, or Terminal. At the end of this tutorial, you will no longer need Putty if you are using it exclusively for logging in via SSH. Check if the client is installed The easiest way to check …

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PowerShell: configure an IP address

In this tutorial, I will walk you through how to configure an IP address and DNS servers using PowerShell. The first step will be to retrieve the Index from the card. Enter the following Cmdlet to display the computer’s network cards: Get-NetAdapter We will therefore configure the card which has Index 2. IP address configuration …

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Rename a computer with PowerShell


In this “how” tutorial I will explain how to rename a computer in PowerShell. Using PowerShell allows you to go more empty than going through the graphical interface which requires going through several configuration windows. Rename a computer with PowerShell In a PowerShell prompt use: Rename-Computer The PowerShell command to rename a computer is Rename-Computer. …

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Create a folder in PowerShell

To create a folder in PowerShell, use the New-Item cmdlet indicating the location and name of the folder and set the itemType parameter with the value Directory to indicate that you want to create a folder.