Sophos XG: installation on Hyper-V

Overview of the Sophos XG Firewall


Now that the firewall is ready, we will take a look at the administration interface.

Control center

Also called Dashboard, it is the home page of the firewall, it allows at a glance with the important information of the firewall on the state of security, hardware statistics and status of services.



This part provides access to the different reports available on the firewall (statistics by protocol / web browsing / applications …).


Contains the list of inbound / outbound control rules.


Web / Applications

Contains the list of web browsing filtering rules and applications. Web and application policies are assigned to one or more firewall rules.


This part contains the entire configuration and email filtering strategy.

Web server

Management of the reverse proxy configuration (WAF).


Allows configuration of the different interfaces of the firewall, configuration of DNS zones and redirector.

Hosts and services

Configuration of all objects (Computers / Ports / …) that can be called in different firewall policies.

hosts / services


Contains license information and all system configuration settings.


Log Viewer

This page is available from all pages of the firewall by clicking Log Viewer located at the top right. This makes it possible to display the real-time logs of the different filtering elements of the firewall.