Install SQLExpress


SQLExpress is a free and limited version of the Microsoft SQL Server engine.

The main limitations:

  • The size per database is limited to 10GB
  • No high availability functionality.

SQL Express can be used with certain Windows Server features such as WSUS or RDS Broker instead of the WID engine.

It is also possible to use SQL Express with SharePoint.

SQL Express offers better performance, more flexibility in configuration, administration using SQL Studio Manager, backup possibilities, remote connections to WID.

To make this tutorial, I used SQLExpress 2014.


  1. Have the executable version of SQL to install.
  2. Install SQL Studio Manager to facilitate the administration of the instance.

Installation of SQLExpress

sql express installation

Run the installer file for your version of SQL Server.

Select where to extract the installation files. In the example, I created a folder on desktop 1 that I selected 2. Click OK to start decompression.

Click on New stand-alone SQL Server installation or add functionality to an existing installation 1.

nouvelle installation de sql server

Click on Next 1.

sqlexpress install auto update

The program prepares to install sqlexpress.

install file for install sqlexpress

Accept the terms of the license 1 and click on Next 2.

Accept licence

Choose the features you need, change the installation location if necessary and click Next 1.

Choix fonctionnalités

Instance configuration. Change name 1 if necessary and click Next 2.

nom de l'instance

Click on next 1.

Configuration du compte pour l'instance

Add the Domain Admins group as SQL Server Administrator. Click on the Add button 1, then add the accounts you want 2 and click on OK 3.

Ajout compte administrateur

Check the addition of users 1.

Verification du groupe dans les administrateurs

Modification of the base storage folder (optional). Click on Data directory 1, select the location where databases 2 will be stored and click Next 3.

Choix dossier par défaut des bases de données

Installation of SQL Server

Patienter durant l'installation

Click OK 1 to confirm that the server must be restarted.

Confirmation du redemarrage du serveur

Click on Close 1. The installation of SQLServer is now complete.

Installation terminée

List of bases 1 of the system.

Base par défaut


To administer your databases you will need to install SQL Server Management Studio also known as SSMS.


SQL Server Management Studio

Loading the application …

SSMS changement

(optional) If your instance is not visible, click on Server name: 1 and on 2.

Selectionner instance

Expand Database engine 1, select instance 2 and click OK 3.

Selectionner l'instance

Check the server name and authentication method 1 and click on Connect. 2.

Connexion à la base

On the left you can navigate between the different bases.

Listes des bases

View server properties.

résumé du serveur

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