Hyper-V: Virtual Switch with Port Aggregate – Switch Embedded Teaming (SET)


In this tutorial, we’re going to have how to create a Switch Embedded Teaming virtual switch. Since Windows 2016, it is possible to directly create a virtual switch with a network card teaming.

On Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012R2, you first had to create a NIC teaming using the server manager and then create an external virtual switch by selecting the aggregate.

Below is the difference between Windows and Hyper-V Teaming.

Virtual switch with port aggregate

This type of virtual switch supports up to 8 network cards.

On the Hyper-V host open a command prompt and enter the following command to display network adapters:

Network adapter list

In the example, I will use NIC1 and NIC2

Enter the following command to create the virtual switch

New-VMSwitch -Name VMSet -NetAdapterName "NIC1","NIC2" -EnableEmbeddedTeaming $true
New vswitch SET

If you want to allow management by this virtual switch, you must add the -AllowManagementOS $ true parameter when creating.

If several cards are shown the true $ -EnableEmbeddedTeaming parameter is not mandatory

It is possible to pass the -EnableEmbeddedTeaming $ true parameter with a single network card and later add cards to the team.

We see that the virtual switch is available in Hyper-V and also visible in network cards.


Microsoft documentation :

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