WSUS – Installation and configuration – Windows Server Update Service

Windows Server 2012R2 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2019

First step with the WSUS Administration Console


1. In the menu on the left, click on server 1 , a summary of the status of updates and extensions is displayed.

Aperçu de la console

You should not have anything for the moment, since you have just installed WSUS.

2. In the left menu, expand Updates 1 and click All Updates 2 . Here is the list of updates. It is possible to filter updates according to their Approval.

Liste des mises à jour

3. Unfold Computers 1 , in this part the computers that communicate with the WSUS server are displayed. It is possible to create groups and assign computers to these groups.

Aperçu des ordinateurs

By default, computers that contact the WSUS server are added to the Unassigned Computer group.

4. The Options part 1 is used to manage the WSUS settings as well as its maintenance.

Aperçu des options

Here you can change the settings made when configuring WSUS.

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