DaRT: configuration and integration with MDT

Creating the WinPE environment


Now that DaRT and ADK are installed, we will create the WinPE environment. Mount ISO on the computer and launch Recovery Image … When launching the wizard on the Welcome screen, click Next 1 .


Choose the version of WinPE 1 , indicate the drive letter of ISO Windows 2 and click Next 3 .

WinPE version and ISO

Choose the tools to integrate 1 and click Next 2 .


Configure the listening port for the remote connection tool and click Next 1 .

Remote control port

It is possible to add drivers to the WinPE image, click Next 1 .


If you use the image generated on WDS, note that it is possible to add drivers after generation from WDS.

Configure the image registration folder 1 , change its name if necessary 2 , select the output formats 3 and click Create 4 .

winpe format

Wait during the generation …


The generation is complete, click Next 1 .

generated files

It is possible at the end of the wizard to create bootable media (CD / DVD / USB), click Close 1 .

boot support

Check in the output folder configured that the files are created correctly.