DaRT: configuration and integration with MDT

Introducing DaRT

DaRT (Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset) is a component of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) that is available to customers who subscribe to Software Assurance (SA).

DaRT allows you to create a bootable environment (WinPE) that integrates Windows diagnostic and troubleshooting tools like:

  • Registry Editor
  • File Explorer
  • Disk scan
  • Change local account password
  • Antivirus scan
  • Uninstalling updates

It also allows you to take control of the WinPE and therefore integrated into the MDT boot environment, it is possible to take control of the computer being deployed.


To create the bootable environment (WinPE), it is necessary to have:

  • ADK with the WinPE environment
  • ISO Windows corresponding to ADK version

The viewer (software that allows you to take the hand) does not require special prerequisites.

Installing DaRT

After downloading the ISO MDOP, mount it and go to the DaRT folder and then to the folders corresponding to the version and language you want. Run the file msi 1 to start the installation.

DaRT - msi

When launching the wizard, click Next 1 .

Wizard install

Accept the license agreement by clicking the I accept 1 button.


If necessary, change the installation path and click Next 1 .


Select the components to be installed 1 and click Next 2 .


Available components vary if ADK is installed or not.

Start the installation by clicking Install 1 .

Start install

When the installation is finished, exit the wizard by clicking Finish 1 .

installation completed

The following 3 shortcuts have been added to the menu and allow the use of DaRT.


Creating the WinPE environment

Now that DaRT and ADK are installed, we will create the WinPE environment. Mount ISO on the computer and launch Recovery Image … When launching the wizard on the Welcome screen, click Next 1 .


Choose the version of WinPE 1 , indicate the drive letter of ISO Windows 2 and click Next 3 .

WinPE version and ISO

Choose the tools to integrate 1 and click Next 2 .


Configure the listening port for the remote connection tool and click Next 1 .

Remote control port

It is possible to add drivers to the WinPE image, click Next 1 .


If you use the image generated on WDS, note that it is possible to add drivers after generation from WDS.

Configure the image registration folder 1 , change its name if necessary 2 , select the output formats 3 and click Create 4 .

winpe format

Wait during the generation …


The generation is complete, click Next 1 .

generated files

It is possible at the end of the wizard to create bootable media (CD / DVD / USB), click Close 1 .

boot support

Check in the output folder configured that the files are created correctly.


Use the WinPE image on WDS

If you have a WDS server available, copy the WIM file on it and add the image as a boot image.

Boot image WDS add

Once the image is added with a post start in PXE (F12) and select the image DaRT.

Select image

Once the environment is loaded, click on Troubleshooting 1 .


Click Microsoft Diagnostics And Recovery Toolset 1 to access the available tools.

click on DaRT

The list of available tools is displayed, all you have to do is troubleshoot.


Integration of DaRT with MDT

In order to take control of the station being deployed, the monitoring must be activated.

From the directory where DaRT is installed, copy the Toolsx64.cab 1 file to the MDT DeployementShare / Tools / x64 folder. If you also use the 32bits version do the same in the x32 folder.

Copy file

Now you have to regenerate the WinPE image, right from the MDT console, right click on Deployment Share 1 then click on Properties 2 .

MDT Console

Go to the Windows PE tab 1 , select the desired platerform 2 , in the Features part 3 check the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolkit (DaRT) 4 and click on Apply 5 then 6 .

Enable DaRT in Windwos PE

Generate the WinPE image, right click on Deployment Share 1 and click Update Deployment Share 2 .

update winpe

The WinPE generation wizard is displayed, at each step click on Next 1 .

Wait while generating the WinPE image …


Once the image is complete, close the wizard by clicking Finish 1 .

Image generated

Add or replace the image on the WDS server.

Image added in wds

Now start a post on the generated image, at launch we can now see the access or tools DaRT 1 .


The list of tools is displayed.

DaRT Tools

If you start a deployment and go to the Monitoring part of the MDT console and open the properties of the computer being deployed, you can take control by clicking the DaRT Remote Control button 1 .

Dart remote control

You can control the deployment without needing to be in front of the post.

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