Configuring the Update for Windows Server Clusters

Tip: Use Cluster-Ready Update Without Planning


You can use Clustered Update without Scheduling, which allows you to manually manage updates. If you disable the automatic cluster update mode and you initiate updates from the cluster, the following message is displayed:

This connected cluster (XXXX) does not have the clustered role Clustered update enabled. This activation is required to start an automatic update from a cluster node. To enable automatic update, click Cancel, and then click the “Configure automatic cluster update options” action in the main console. Then, reopen this wizard to start an Update Run using your new settings.

Install the “Failover Cluster Manager” administrative tools on a server.

From the cluster or on the server, launch the Cluster-based Update Console, click Configure Cluster Automatic Update Options to launch the wizard, and disable automatic update.

Updates are no longer scheduled, it is possible from the server where the console is installed, to apply the updates manually, once the console is open, connect to the cluster and click Apply updates to it cluster in the Action menu