Altaro backup: installation and use with Hyper-V

Restoring a virtual disk

This type of restoration, as its name suggests, allows you to restore a vhd (x) from a machine, which can then be presented to another vm or mounted directly in Windows.

1. From the console go to Restore 1 / Restore Virtual Disk 2 . Choose the location of the backup 3 and click Next 4 .

Altaro backup - restore virtual disk

2. Choose the 1 virtual machine and click Next 2 .

Altaro backup - select vm

3. Select the restore point 1 , select the disk 2 and its restore location 3 and click Restore 4 .

Altaro-backup - select vhd

4. Wait during the restoration …

Altaro backup - wait

5. When finished, open the Windows File Explorer to access the virtual disk.

Altaro backup - disk restored