Altaro backup: installation and use with Hyper-V

Configuration of the backup

Configuring the host on Altaro backup

1. In the menu click on Hosts 1 , how Altaro Backup is installed on the Hyper-V, it is already present in the console, otherwise you must add the Hypervisor by clicking on the Add button hosts.


Configuring the location of backups

1. You must now configure the location of the backups, click on Backup Locations 1 and then on Add Backup Location 2 .

Alrato Backup - configuration emplacement sauvegarde

2. Choose a location type 1 (Physical drive) and click Next 2 .

Altaro Backup - type emplacement

3. Clicking Choose Folder 1 on the volume will receive the backups.

Altaro Backup - sélectionner le dossier

4. Select the folder 1 and click on Select 2 .

Altaro Backup - sélectionner le dossier

5. Click Finish 1 to add the location.

Altaro Backup - valider l emplacement

6. The slot is configured 1 .

Altaro Backup - emplacement ajoute

Putting backup of a virtual machine with Altaro backup

Altaro Backup unlike other backup software does not work directly with jobs, you must assign VMs to a location, a schedule and a retention.

This way of managing backups allows great flexibility.

1. From the Backup Location 1 page, select the vm to save 2 and drag and drop to the <3 backup location.

Altaro backup - assigne emplacement

2. The virtual machine is assigned to slot 1 , click Save Changes 2 .

Altaro Backup - vm assignée à l'emplacement

3. Go to Backup Settings 1 / Schedule Setting 2 and on the same principle as the backup location, drag and drop on the desired schedule 3 and finish by clicking on Save Changes 4 .

Altaro Backup - planification

4. Go to Backup Settings 1 / Retention Policy 2 and do the same for the backup retention time. Click on Save changes 3 to save.

Altaro Backup - retention

Force a backup

One of the nice features of Altaro Backup is to be able to trigger a backup of a virtual machine without launching a job and therefore several VMs.

This feature can “replace” snapshots available on hypervisors.

1. Go to Backups 1 , select vm to save 2 and click Take Backup 3 .

Altaro backup - sauvegarde manuel

2. The backup is in progress …

Now that we have seen how to set up backups, we will see the different possible restore modes.